[EN] Not Gonna Lie

Not Gonna Lie is trying real hard to be a comedy podcast for people who are tired of listening to comedians regurgitate the same old, cookie cutter, boring, politically correct bullshit. The jokes aren’t ALL funny, the ideas aren’t ALL well thought out but, at least, they are 100% honest. Join and help me on this journey to the top of the charts or to wherever this may lead us to! Come on!

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Ali Bazzi

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Montreal native and not touring at all stand-up, Ali Bazzi is not yet known for his hilarious and unsafe comedy. He has done a couple of open mic nights with varying results and some extra work in stuff you wouldn’t even know about… YET

With a background as a multiple times WORLD CHAMPION CHEERLEADER, he feels like he’s got a pretty good take on the hypocrisy lying behind all the hot topics like FEMINISM, LGBTQ+, FATSOs and many many more. No one will be sparred. Also, Ali realizes how cringy it is to talk about himself in the 3rd person!

So go fuck yourself!